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More Thrilling Than a Last-Second Shot

Feel that buzz in the back of your brain and tingle in your fingertips? It's the feeling of advertising that makes a difference for your business. It's advertising with BEK Sports.

Get the Most for Your Advertising Dollar

Get a great return on your investment by targeting your campaigns to specific geographical areas, sports and events.

Close to Home

Your customers are here, cheering on the local high school and college teams they know and love. A lot. We broadcast more than 350 live athletic events every year, reaching almost every corner of the state.

BEK Sports

  • Reaches 100% of North Dakota rural and metro audiences (350,000+ households)
  • Carried by all major cable and satellite companies along with over-the-air coverage
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BEK Sports Plus

  • Reaches 70 percent of households across North Dakota
  • Over the air in Bismarck, Minot and Fargo
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