Sports bios

Chris Brintle

Chris's journey into the world of sports broadcasting began at Oklahoma State University, where he pursued a degree in Sports Media. It was during his time in Stillwater, Oklahoma, that he embarked on his broadcasting career. He became the unmistakable voice for high school sports in the area, capturing the heart of local sports enthusiasts with his compelling commentary. In addition to his high school endeavors, Chris also lent his distinctive voice to Oklahoma State University softball games, enhancing the fan experience on the team's website.

Chris' dedication and talent in the world of sports broadcasting have not gone unnoticed. He has earned numerous accolades throughout his career, including a remarkable five-time recognition for Best Play-By-Play and Best Sportscast by the Wyoming Association of Broadcasters. His exceptional skills and passion for sports commentary have also garnered him the prestigious Eric Sevareid Award, presented by the Midwest Broadcast Journalists Association, in recognition of his outstanding television sports play-by-play work.

Chris is not just an announcer; he's a storyteller who breathes life into every sports event he covers. His journey from a young sports enthusiast in Kansas City to a celebrated sports announcer is an inspiring tale of passion, hard work, and an unwavering love for the games that bring us all together.

Beyond his career in the broadcast booth, Chris is a devoted family man. He shares his life with his loving wife and their three precious daughters: Paisley (8), Piper (6), and Presley (3). Together, they share a deep love for sports, traveling, and wholeheartedly participating in their daughters' activities and events. With three active and vibrant girls in the house, life is never short of excitement, and Chris and his wife embrace the challenge with open arms.

Dan Doherty

Born and raised on Long Island, Dan's fascination with sports began at a young age. He lived and breathed sports, watching games, and analyzing every play with an enthusiasm that foreshadowed his future career. In 2017, Dan took the first step toward his dream by graduating from Ithaca College in Upstate New York, where he earned a degree in Sports Media.

Dan's path to becoming a sports announcer took off when he landed his first full-time position with the Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League. Here, he had the incredible opportunity to call games featuring former MLB standouts like Francisco Rodriguez, Emilio Bonifacio, Jair Jurrjens, and many more. His captivating commentary and deep knowledge of the game quickly earned him recognition among fans and peers alike.

While in New York, Dan expanded his horizons beyond baseball. He became a credentialed media member at multiple MMA events held inside the iconic Madison Square Garden. His ability to engage with professional fighters and deliver insightful interviews showcased his versatility as a sports announcer.

In pursuit of new challenges and a broader platform to share his love for sports, Dan made a significant move to North Dakota to join the BEK Sports Network. Here, he has continued to shine as a sports announcer, bringing the excitement of local and regional sports to homes across North Dakota and beyond. His dynamic commentary style, combined with his deep understanding of various sports, has solidified his position as a beloved figure in the BEK Sports family.

Outside of the broadcasting booth, Dan enjoys cooking. In his downtime, you might find him immersed in the world of video games, where he can compete and unwind. Additionally, Dan is an avid practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, showcasing his passion for both mental and physical challenges.

Jake Herman

Jake’s academic journey led him to the prestigious University of Texas, where he pursued a degree in Journalist and earned honors. Additionally, he acquired a certificate in Sports Media, setting the state for his future career in the field.

His fascination with sports took root in the heart of Washington, D.C., where he quickly became enamored with the Washington Nationals. His family’s devotion to the sport was evident in the naming of their beloved dog after Bryce Harper, a former MLB player. Jake recalls how he used to mute the TV and impersonate the announcers for his family and friends, a talent that has evolved into a successful career in front of the microphone.

Jake has held various roles in the industry, showcasing her versatility and expertise. Some of his past positions include serving as the TV and Radio Play-by-play announcer and Media Relations specialist for the Northwood League’s Wausau Woodchucks in Wausau, Wisconsin. He has also lent his voice to FloSports as an announcer in Austin, TX and contributed to the coverage of high school football, basketball, and soccer as a broadcaster for the iHSFAN Webcast Network in Austin.

Jake’s involvement in sports extends to the written word as well, as he has worked as a feature reporter for IHSFAN High School Football Magazine. He’s also been the voice of University of Texas Club Ice Hockey on the Black Dog Network.

Beyond his love for sports, Jake has a deep appreciation for music of all kinds. His favorite artists include John Mayer, Mt. Joy, Anderson .Paak, and Tame Impala.

Brett Loftis

Brett's love for sports was cultivated through nightly rituals of watching the Atlanta Braves alongside his father. These cherished moments not only deepened their father-son bond but also fueled Brett's ambition to become a sports broadcaster. Beyond the Braves, Brett's parents made sure to attend at least one professional sports event every year, whether it was cheering for the Carolina Panthers on the football field or experiencing the thrilling speed of NASCAR racing. It was a childhood steeped in the love of sports and family.

Brett's journey was not without its guiding lights. Throughout his life, he drew inspiration from legendary sportscasters such as Larry Munson, Skip Caray, Gus Johnson, Brandon Gaudin, and Stuart Scott. Their captivating voices and storytelling abilities left an indelible mark on Brett, motivating him to pursue his own broadcasting dreams.

Brett's path to becoming a sports broadcaster gained momentum during his college years at Piedmont University, a Division-III school in Demorest, GA. There, he took on the role of a full-time play-by-play broadcaster for three years. His dedication and talent caught the attention of the sports world when he was featured on "Back on the Record with Bob Costas," an HBO show hosted by the iconic sports host. The show highlighted one of Brett's exhilarating calls during the Piedmont Baseball season.

Before joining the BEK Sports team, Brett honed his craft in the Northwoods League with the Wisconsin Rapids Rafters. During his time there, he served as the radio play-by-play broadcaster and Director of Media Relations. In a remarkable achievement, Brett had the privilege of working with ESPN as a dugout reporter during the 2022 Northwoods League All-Star Game, showcasing his versatility and expertise on a national stage.

Brett is an only child and says he's proud to carry the values instilled in him by his family in his broadcasting career. He sees every opportunity in this business as a chance to make his parents and his faith in Jesus proud.